The Creative Journey, Spiritual Pot Holes, & Progress

Schedules are hard.  I try to make my life as rigid as possible, but at every turn, the variables burst out at the seams.

In chronicling the journey of intentional truth exploration, I have tried to be as regular as two posts per week.  If you have been following, that has not been the case.  I tend to express this exploratory journey in stretches, living life, while internalizing ad nauseam, and then, in my better moments, expressing in stretches.


So as of late, much has been happening, except my fingers haven’t made it to sharing them on this site…as often as I’ve liked. (Like how I shifted the blame there?)

And this isn’t really anything new.  Since beginning to blog on Explore Truth, I’ve followed this pattern.  And usually I’ve given myself a lil lecture…and redoubled my efforts in following some preplanned schedule.

And that’s going to change.  Not so much because I think dedicating oneself to a schedule when attempting to meet out some creative or intentionally intellectual pursuit, but more so because I’ve had time to digest where I’m at and how to best meet out my objectives.


So What’s Different?

Firstly I’ve given up in a sense…  Just like I “gave up” on exercising at the gym every day.  I’ve opted for a more “natural” approach.  As it pertains to exercise, I now only do things that I enjoy.  Walking.  Mostly to the fridge. Racquetball.  But the “gym” with its artificially created machines…the inventive compensation for a life out of balance…just doesn’t work for me.

For this blog…now…I share when I have something I feel worthy of sharing.   Even the in-between places.

I’ve also had to balance my desire to grow as a writer…apart from this blog.

So I haven’t been a complete slacker…

Untop of embracing this philosophy of rationalized slackness.  I have been spending more time connecting with a great, and growing group of individuals who are exploring truth through a reading and discussion group.  It’s always been my goal to help foster an environment where people could explore meaningful ideas outside of the narrow confines of dogmatic walls.

So we began #truthchat .

We read a book every month that challenges us to explore truth, and also discuss 101 topics that aim to do the same.  So if you’re interested in joining a virtual party…of existential backpackers, just request to join us on facebook, by visiting here: #TruthChat

As for what’s shared here?  Well…I’m learning to relax. Yes. Relax.  The thing with journeys is that there is always the temptation to share only the significant milestones.  Especially the milestones that reveal some attainment of truth, or reveal some state of perfection. The process is much more messy.

The ephipanies are nice.  But there is so much inbetween.  The questions, the wandering, the faith filled days, and the deserts of doubt.  Where I have been tempted to edit out everything that didnt scream cetaintity, I am learning to just give you my ongoing meandering into the land of the quest.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Until my fingers find their way here again…cheers to you and your quests.



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