Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

ritualThe book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, makes one thing abundantly clear.  Everyone has their unique creative process.  Whether you begin the day with a pint of moonshine, naked exercising, or sleep in until 1pm before springing into creative action, you’ll probably find the equivalent of your creative soulmate within the pages of this book.

So if you’re secretly shaming yourself into feeling you aren’t measuring up to some universal standard of how to get your creative work done…then just stop. This book, in summarizing the work routines of 161 artists and thinkers, clearly shows that their are MANY ways to skin the cat of daily work.

BUT…that also may be this books downfall…in a way. In it’s attempt to pack in so many examples of work routines, each one felt a bit too brief, and over all I was left with a scattered sense, that although there were some best practices to be pulled from the examples, I was distracted by trying to find the example that validated my worst habits. (i.e. Oh…they say here that Jean-Paul Sartre chewed on amphetamine and aspirin tablets to stay productive? Nice. :->)

The point for me is to figure out how to develop a more productive work ritual…in a way that is congruent with who I’m trying to be…not who I feel like being when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Here’s a brief interview that Huffington Post did with the author, Mason Currey I think it sheds a bit of light on some basic principles he’s pulled from studying the various ways people get their work done.