Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ― Mary Oliver


Death ClassI’ve sometimes imagined death as a friendly vulture, perched calmly on my shoulder, reaching down, from time to time, to whisper an inevitable truth – death is coming.

Morbid maybe, but this is a fantasy born from a clear acknowledgment that it is so easy to live in the what Ernest Becker’s seminal work explores; our Denial of Death.

This book plunges you into an appreciation for what death has to teach us about our lives.

To learn that there was actually a popular course, with a 3 year waiting list, where students actually confront this denial and discomfort, is both surprising and validating.  Some of us, many of us in fact, are willing to be challenged by the inconvenient truth of our finite nature, and what this means for how we live our lives.

In her book, The Death Class:  A True Story About Life, Erica Hayasaki takes us on the inside of this class, by following the instructor, Dr. Norma Bowe for four years, as she wakes her students up to the value of life, and what makes it fulfilling.


Here’s a peak into Dr. Norma Bowe’s popular Death Class