Do The Hustle


So my gut is telling me that May is about talking less…and dare I say it…maybe even reading less.


For those in the mood to do more DOING…then this very short book may be for you.

Do The Work by Steven Pressfield


If it sounds familiar that’s because we just read one of Steven’s other books in March: The War Of Art.


Do The Work almost has a title that makes you want to put down the book and just go and do what the title says…right?

It’s a manifesto for getting down into the trenches of resistance.  Getting into the gut of that project you’ve been holding off from doing, and reemerging with the spoils of work running down the side of your bayonet.  Ok.  I’m feeling a little violent right now.

Of course you’ve been working on stuff.  But what have you been avoiding.

For those of you who read The War Of Art with us during March, this seems like a great continuation on this subject.

So here’s what I have in mind.

Identify “that thing” that you have been pussyfooting around with.  You know…that ONE thing…

  • The book you want to write, or blog you want to begin.
  • The educational or health goal…
  • That small business or non profit you’ve been toying with beginning.

OR…Whatever that thing is that you know will take you to that higher place.

For those who have not joined us before, feel free to bring that “thing” with you as tackle it and this short book during the month of May.  Imaging looking back at the end of May, and marveling at how much you got done.

We will be your kindest support group…with iron boots…you have ever had.

That’s it. *_*

Then maybe we can do this at the end…



Link to the book: Hardcover

Link to free digital download for you kindle people



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