God Is A Verb?

This was the 20th poem I wrote during April’s National Poetry Month.  It was also the last one I completed that month.  I sort of flaked out during the last week of the challenge.  But still had a great time with the poetry challenge.

God Is A Verb?

Show us the Father,

The children say, eyes clutching with begging

And searching

for lines to trace

Like five fingers could ever

count water, see voices, or

keep up with timelessness


snapping to the shiver of dried bones awakening,

Creaking at first and pop-locking their way

to the way,

a child does when their song comes on,

And they lose it all, dancing and hiccuping the echoes of goodness

And a blind someone in the back of the world

Gets it

And stands up to clap

And thinks with the mystery of angel skin,

I can’t see anything…

but that was alright


That was alright…



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