It’s Official. The 1st Book Of The #truthchat Online Reading/Chat Group Is Done.

We just finished Hope On A Tight Rope by Dr. Cornel West…and we will be selecting the next book within a couple days.

We…as in…this here project…are democratic. Sooo…I demand your suggestions ASAP! Ok..I’m good now. By 02/3/11 will do.

But regarding Dr. West and this book – Hope On A Tightrope….I can’t say how thought provoking this book was!  We weren’t even able to begin to scratch the surface of all of the gems tucked inside.

Now if you are part of the highbrow crew…well then there’s the Cornel West Reader for more meat. On my good days I am able to digest small portions of that book.  But with Hope On A Tight Rope, you had all of the Westian concepts…but definitely in more accessible and bite sized chunks.

Soul food I tell you…soul food.

Thanks to this book, our conversations touched on:

  • Courage, thinking for yourself, and philosophy 101
  • Music and creativity
  • Constantinian forms of religion vs prophetic swagger(well he didn’t use those exact words)…
  • Social Justice, Love, and Service
  • Leadership and Wisdom wisdom wisdom

Last week, as we approached the date of our live online video meeting, we started the hashtag on twitter – #truthchat, in order to attempt to get some of our thoughts and reactions out between the once a month online meetings.  That’s helped keep the conversation going.  Possibly limiting at times, particularly when you feel like you really want to get into more depth…but at least we can’t throw any large objects at one another…So for now…good stuff.

Plus twitter is like one big party.  Mind you…you’re liable to acquire A.D.D, if you’re not careful, but where the people are, we must go.  I use hootsuite to help with this, some folks use tweetdeck. Either way…trust me it makes following a # tag, event, or a search term, a lot easier.

This book sparked some fantastic thoughts and conversations from Sam (@QStreet), Connie (@DuchessDi), Suzy (@Suzyqfollower),  Rima (@Rima_Regas), Jeff (@DFBJeff ), Danyale (@DanyalePhillips), Chris (@ChrisNunez), Cassandra (@Icimage2), Bwana (@Bwanashoks), and some other curious bystanders. (Check their blogs/twitter pages.) I really appreciated getting to know these people, and look forward to future conversations.

We may not have all shared the same opinions of what Dr. West wrote, and I can’t speak for them all, but I do know many of us were sufficiently provoked, and as he often is heard stating, unhoused. And that’s the point.  To place our ideas, beliefs, onto the warm fires of discourse. To remain open to death…Death to, as Sam pointed out, our ego’s.

She also mentioned during our live video discussion, that it is in experiencing these “little deaths of the heart and mind,” that we are able to open the windows to so much more. (I may have murdered that Sam.)

Dr. West’s prophetically timed voice also spoke to the break down in civil discourse, a democratic system creaking at the seams, and a message for the awakening of those who have ears. Hear hear…and cheers.  I’ll drink moderately to that.

SO.  For those who may be interested in joining us again in March, for some thought & heart provoking discussions, here are all the reminders and plugs. We’d love to have you!


  • On the LAST Sunday of every month, we discuss that months book, and select a new book. We do this live, but online, on a video discussion website called Vokle.
  • During the week, or whenever for that matter, feel free to post your thoughts on twitter using the hashtag #truthchat .  At least for now, I, along with a few others, have committed to being available to chat from 9:30pm – 10pm ish on Mondays – Thursdays.
  • ALSO find us on Facebook as well, and feel free to leave your comments/thoughts/reactions to what we’re reading on the wall!

Our goal is to explore truth.  Both the truth of self discovery and self actualization, and the Truth, of whatever ultimate reality is. That is an active, courageous, and humbling pursuit. One that aims, not to obtain the answers in a way that curtails continued learning and adventure, but one that cause us to push our hands beyond the edges of our knowing.   So let the boundaries of our darkness take notice.

Suggested books for the month of March!

Comment below with you vote OR suggest a completely different book!


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