The Conspiracy Against Silence

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Silence can be like a clean white page, before the blur of words.  Or like the darkness.  It really isn’t a thing, but the absence of something.  For darkness, that thing is light.  For silence, it is noise.  The echoes of sound tightly trapped inside the walls of your mind.  The ones you can’t seem to get away from.

It seems to me that noise is a sort of addiction.  Like I’m driving in the car, and my hand automatically flicks the radio on.  I don’t want to hear anything, what I really want to do is figure out where I’m going….in life.

I want to get the things done on the list.

I want to relax and organize the thoughts swarming inside.

I want to regain control.  But I feel like there’s something on the radio that I’m missing.  Something to help me pass the time.  So I channel surf.  Through the stations of noise.  And if I can’t find what I’m not looking for, there’s the T.V, or the internet, or the mall.  It’s almost like society has agreed that silence is boring, or wrong.  Like staying in on a Saturday night is such a socially dwarfed activity.

If life was so valuable, wouldn’t we want to slow it down?  Where are we going in such a hurry?  Why are we so eager to fill it with the things that seem so meaningless?

So it’s beginning to make sense why it’s so difficult sometimes to just sit down and write.  Or why I find it hard to leave the beach after staring at the horizon for awhile. Trying to take in the unfathomable radiance.

We live in a world with noise.  But without filters, or a means to establish silent zones, we will drive ourselves mad.  Becoming swept away in the momentum of societies assumed rule of perpetual motion.

How do you break away from the noise in your life?  What is your quiet place?


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